Hannah Weston

Because of the horse, I’m on an endless and fascinating journey to learn how to connect with horses in the best possible way -  it’s why my approach is called ‘Connection Training’.

I combine the heart and science of positive horse training techniques to create practical lessons that are effective in overcoming problems, improving your communication and achieving goals, both on the ground and ridden. I do this in a way that is fun and rewarding for both of you. When your horse wants to train and ride as much as you do, it’s the best feeling in the world!

Hannah Weston

Hannah's 2021 Presentations

Rewarding Riding for Horse and Rider 1&2 -

Connection Training

Many of us want to ride our horses in a way which is healthy for them and enhances their life as well as ours. This presentation will help you to answer questions about whether your horse is happy to be ridden, how you can start using more rewards (positive reinforcement) in your riding and how you can refine your ridden relationship with your horse so that you both look forward to your rides together. 

Part 1 covers:

- Preparing your horse for riding - Day 1

- Staying connected and confident as you move from the ground to the saddle.

Part 2 covers:

- Understanding emotions and consent from your horse when riding - Day 2

- How to increase positive emotions when riding to improve the behaviour and well-being of your horse.