Geary Whiting

Growing up with horses, chasing cattle, hauling hay, driving tractors, plowing fields, showing animals at the local fair, and involvement in FFA, somehow, was not enough to keep Geary in the agriculture world. Sports and athletics seemed more up his alley, but little did Geary know what was to come, nor did he know what adventures were to catch up to him and become a part of his life. 

 Geary’s interest in strength and fitness began long before he opened up his unique version of the equine massage schools by focusing on both horse and rider as well as teaching the Japanese art of Shiatsu massage. With his background of working with World Class Athletes it seemed like a perfect fit to educate both horse and human as a competitive team…he was correct in his thinking! Eventually, some wonderful doors opened for Geary, and, look out world, here came Geary! Who would have thought!

1986 Graduate of The Shiatsu Massage School of California.

1989 Cover Story of Massage Magazine, Anniversary edition.

2003 Outstanding Achievement Award for my contribution in Oriental Medicine through the use of Shiatsu Anma.

2015 World Massage Festival Massage Therapy Hall Of Fame Inductee.

2015 Pioneer of Massage/ Bridge Builder Award In both Horse and Human massage.

2017 World Massage Festival Induction of my teacher Dr. Doan T. Kaneko, L.Ac. OMD. Ph.D. and my student Yvonne Allen of Voice For The Horse, Canada.

When I first thought of a Equine Massage School, I was asked, “why would you ever do such a thing?” I thought for a moment and then said, “ I have checked with my  board of directors and they think it’s a great idea!” Me, Myself, and I, no more needs to be said.

While rehabbing a client who had been injured in a horse related accident (unauthorized dismount or should I say dumped) she asked me “have you ever massaged a horse?” I said, “No, but it would be no different than doing a person.” I told her to give me a back and profile picture of a horse, and I would figure out the meridian lines. That evening I had to envision the horse as a person in order to place my lines. Sunday following I had her bring a horse to the gym, and I massaged my first horse. After the sessions, I suddenly had a new direction...massaging horses!

 In 1995, a time when few had ever heard of massaging horses, I had to pioneer my way into the world of Equine Athletes. Eventually people were seeing wonderful results with their horses and wanted me to teach them. In 1998 I bought the Walking W. Ranch from Wayne Willis in Atascadero where I started my first school, and that is how Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider, became a reality and to this day is the only horse and rider massage school that I know of.

Geary Whiting

Geary's 2021 Presentations


Rub me the rite way ...PLEASE!  A very effective and easy to learn technique for massaging your horse.

Why would I want to massage my horse, you might ask? This is simple, if they are a athlete, they need it for optimum performance, if they are difficult to catch in the field that changes, they have joined up with you because they appreciate being massaged, and it will connect you to your horse in a way you have not experienced. There is one more, you can use the same techniques on friends, loved ones, farrier, trainer, making their lives better.


We have a little fun with this video, Stretching is something we have focused on as a way of improving different aspects of our lives as well as our horses. In this video you will learn some easy and effective techniques. Also, you will meet Misty, AKA, Bat Woman, and her goofy owner.


Basic placing and fitting techniques, with a little explanation about the saddle tree itself. This video was originally a J.J. Maxwell, (custom saddle maker), presentation. Upon viewing his original video I decided to redo it, as those who did his camera work did a poor job. After making the improvements in my video, J.J. Viewed it and liked it.

For many years we did not have understanding of proper fitting of the saddle or give thought to the conformation of the horse, thus creating conflict, pain and plain ole abuse to our horses. Once you view this video you will have more than just knowledge, you will have both knowledge and understanding, and both you and your horses will have a happier relationship.