Fenja Königsmann & Stormy May


Fenja Königsmann’s journey into equine therapeutics began with an extensive background in horse training; which unexpectedly led to a career-jolting relationship with a challenging mare named Garzi. With more than 18 years of experience, horses have been a part of most of Fenja’s life. 


Since 2013, with Garzi as her most influential teacher, Fenja has pursued a holistic path, studying various methods that help humans as well as horses on their own personal journey of growth, and earning professional certifications in equine thermography, acupuncture and Raindrop-Massage. Fenja’s understanding of human-horse dynamics continues to evolve, as she makes progress toward international credentials in equine osteopathy. Some of her biggest influences have been Maria Sanchez, Elsa Sinclair, Stormy May, Kathy Sierra and Ren Hurst. 

Fenja was classically trained at a young age, about to give up on the horse she loved because she was at a loss for what to do. Garzi had become uncooperative to the point of being dangerous. Through the many ups and downs they had together, Fenja has become a completely different person. The most important aspect of her mentoring/teaching now is to make the horses lives as good and peaceful as possible by teaching their guardians what it means to be a compassionate human being. A big part of her work today is using various personal growth modalities to help the students she works with to find that inner peace most of us are striving for and then to bring that peace and understanding into the relationship with the horses. It is important to Fenja to never use horses for her own benefit again, but to find ways of being at peace with them exactly how they want to be.


In Fenja’s work it is essential to get to know the horse in its entirety – its emotional state, its physical body, its unique character – in order to be able to learn exactly where potential problems might originate and how to help ease their way towards a healthy life.

Only when we really listen to the horse’s needs and feelings can we build trust and  communicate honestly without force or pain.

(Fenja and Stormy teach an international audience together, helping horses and their humans connect compassionately and in alignment with their true nature.)

Stormy is the Founder of the Compassionate Communication with Horses Program, developed out of her years of studying horses, humans, and our relationship with the natural world with numerous internationally renowned teachers. In 2006, she followed her dream to search for the deepest ways to connect harmoniously with those she loved, resulting in the highly acclaimed documentary, The Path of the Horse. She’s established a global following of her peaceful teachings, which include Peace Literacy and Mindfulness skills.

Fenja Königsmann 

Stormy May

Fenja & Stormy’s 2021 Presentations

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