Don Jessop

I’m Don Jessop, author of the book “Leadership and Horses” and creator of the Mastery Horsemanship program and the Horse Mastery Group. I’ve dedicated my adult life, more than twenty years now, to training people to understand horse behavior and excel with their equine partners. I’ve been fortunate to study with the world's best trainers inside and outside the horse industry. Including Tony Robbins (peak performance coach), T-Have Ekar (secrets of the millionaire mind), Lynne Eisenhardt (master dolphin trainer), Ceasar Millan (dog trainer), Rachel Jessop (extraordinary horsewoman), Pat and Linda Parelli for twelve years, John Lyons, Ray Hunt and more. As a result, students who work with me have the opportunity to embrace mastery concepts from the earliest of stages in their horsemanship to the pinnacle of performance, whether that’s dressage, reining, cow working, trail riding, difficult horse training, and more.

 I’m pleased and hopeful to know my clients personally and hope to know you as well. Thanks for the invitation to be a part of your life story.

Don Jessop

Don's 2021 Presentations

Leading with Grace - Day 1

Video one shows the beginning steps of helping a new, young thoroughbred named Grace learn to stand still.

Grace stand still work - Day 1

Video two shows how to lead a high-spirited horse and how to train for better day to day leading.

Grace vs. the Snowball - Day 2

Video three shows how to work with obstacles around your home to expose your horse and train calmness around new things.