Bronwyn Irwin

Bronwyn started horseback riding at a young age. She took English riding lessons and focused on hunter, jumper, dressage and the pony club. Her English riding and showing experiences landed her a training job at a jumper barn while on summer break from university. After she graduated with her degree in Radiation Therapy she returned to a life with horses. With her first paycheck she purchased a thoroughbred mare with jumping ability and speed. They ventured into new territory competing in the western games, which led to her love of barrel racing and polebending. While searching for a rodeo mount she came across Northstar Livestock, owned by the Irwin family. There she met her future husband, Jason, owner and horse trainer. Bronwyn purchased her rodeo prospects but more importantly, married Jason.

Together they started ‘Jason & Bronwyn Irwin Horsemanship’ and have a life revolved around horses. They offer training, horsemanship, liberty and polebending clinics to name a few, have training videos and give demonstrations. Bronwyn and Jason enjoy working together to coach and create content that guides people with their horsemanship.

Bronwyn Irwin

Bronwyn’s 2021 Presentations

3 Steering Exercises You Need in Your Training Toolbox - Day 1

In this video Bronwyn will show riders 3 exercises to help improve their steering. These exercises are easy-to-remember exercises that you can turn to when your horse doesn’t feel like turning.

Get On & Get Along - Day 2

In this video Bronwyn shares tips and exercises on how to mount up and start off on the right foot at the beginning of your ride. The exercises shared can also help focus a busy horse’s attention on the task at hand.