Britta Schöffmann


  • Britta Schoeffmann, a promoted sports scientist and an internationally known author of dressage books, is a dressage rider and dressage trainer out of conviction. Even as a little girl she was fascinated by the ease with which her idols from the dressage sport presented the highest demands with the horses with dance-like ease. With no such thing as pony “sport” back then, she rode her pony at competitions, took part in the fancy dress classes as well as treasure hunts on horseback. But it didn't take long to concentrate fully on dressage.

Over the years she trained and learned from the world‘s greatest dressage instructors including Willi Schultheis, Harry Boldt and Klaus Balkenhol, who also trained the US dressage team for several years. While Britta successfully competed in tournaments up to Grand Prix level, she taught riding students of all ages and ability classes in addition to her first job as a journalist. Her main concern as a trainer: To train riders so that they can always do their horses justice. „For me, good riding is the best animal welfare,“ Britta says. „I think all horses, no matter what breed or what level of training, deserve to be ridden as harmonically as possible and brought along to the best of their ability.“

In addition to her work as a trainer, Britta continues to write books (including ‚Dressage School: A Sourcebook of Movements and Tips‘ or ,Dressage training customized‘, both Trafalgar Square Books) and specialist articles for magazines. Everything revolves around the training of riders and dressage horses. She now also passes on her knowledge in instructional films that can be found on the international learning platform wehorse.

Britta Schöffmann

Britta’s 2021 Presentations

Putting Learning Theory into Practise - Day 1

Britta always tries to explain to her riding students how horses learn to understand the rider's aids in the first place and what consequences wrong riding impacts have. This topic is so important to her that she even wrote a book and made a film about it. Learn in this teaching sequence how she puts the findings of Learning Theorie into practical riding lessons.

Half-passes explained from the saddle -  Day 2

Half-passes are a great exercise for making a horse laterally supple and improving collection. Britta shows here from horseback how to ride correct half-passes and which aids you have to give in detail to achive ease. She also shows you what a rider should avoid working on these movements.