April Love

Founder of Holistic Horseworks, LLC and Horse Healers Academy, April Love (formerly April Battles) has spent decades immersed in the study of the horse. ‘I needed to know how a horse moves, it’s health, the behaviors & challenges that present when there is pain or discomfort from misalignment and learn the way to support these amazing animals.’

Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding program. 

This coursework is a Global movement that I am passionate about. With 10 certified instructors that teach in 4 different languages.

What makes these courses different?

I want to empower every horse lover to discover the root cause for issues a horse is presenting, then trace that back through the body until they solve the cause.’  Implementing April’s bodywork program solves the cause and prevents band aiding the symptoms. Easy to understand educational content uses soft touch and release for what the horse needs. By empowering the owners, this bodywork program could save thousands of $$, time, frustrations, and pain.

NO age limits for this program-I have students from 12 to 72 years young

Best part is you can learn right from home with live support along the way. 

‘The worst thing you can do is not try.’

April Love

April’s 2021 Presentations

Craniosacral Energy Work - Day 1

Every horse has had at least one head trauma, banged its head, fallen, or pulled back when tied at some time in their life. This causes the Cranial bones to shift. Issues can arise like spooking, head shy, hard to bridle, or heavier on one rein. This video teaches you energy hand holds for Cranial Sacral energy block releases which affects the whole body of the horse.

Body Work for Foals and Yearlings - Day 2

Starting April’s Bodywork program on younger horses could prevent long term problems that resulted from first rib misalignment which affects hoof and causes shoulder issues.