Anne Krüger-Degener

Since 1987 I, Anne Krüger-Degener, have been moved by the training of animals and have lived my professional career in this direction with never-ending passion.

In my life as a master of animal husbandry I am dependent on the daily cooperation with my animals. As a result, I have developed a fair approach to animals, based on the basics of communication, conceptual training, and a systematic approach, following the learning patterns of nature. These basic pillars have resulted in a wonderful method: the HarmoniLogie®.

The goal of HarmoniLogie® is to create a successful partnership between humans and animals, based on trust, courtesy, resilience, and solidarity.

The way corresponds to the understanding of the natural law of language. Without seduction and attractants and without strength, we develop direct access to our four-legged partner and train a real companion.

Anne Krüger-Degener

Anne’s 2021 Presentations

The 4 pillars of HarmoniLogie  - Day 1

Responsiveness, Interruptability, Praisability and Distaneceability are the 4 pillars of HarmoniLoige. In this film you can see what these pillars contain and how they are used in the training of the horse. 


The natural laws of language - Day 2


Not only horses orient themselves in their life to the natural laws of language. Experience how other animals deal with these laws and what knowledge you can gain from them for your work with your own horse.