Angelica Hesselius

Angelica Hesselius- Reward-based Art of Riding


Angelica combines positive reinforcement with elements of classical dressage and the Academic Art of Riding. 

The goal is to create emotional and physical balance. This balance leads towards lightness. 


In her videos, Angelica will talk about a different approach to dressage where the focus is on what we want our horse to do, not on correcting him. Riding and horse training should be fun! And your horse should enjoy training as much as you do.

We get there by building a strong foundation. Both for our partnership with our horse as well as for the gymnastical exercises. Learn how to motivate your horse and how to better explain what you mean for your horse. We will also go through the benefits of working in a halt and answer the question: what is a reward?

Angelica teaches all over Europe as well as online, both in clinics and shorter programs.

Angelica Hesselius

Angelica’s 2021 Presentations

ABC Of Behaviors -  Day 1&2

Understand and change your horse behaviors.

Do you have behaviors you want to understand better or behavior you want to change in your horse? Do you want to know why your horse does a specific behavior?

In this intro lecture we take a look at some of the factors that affect behaviors by discussing the ABC of behavior analysis. What happens before the behavior and what happens after the behavior determines if we will see more of it.


Schooling in halt-mindful movements make big improvements - Day 2

In this lecture we will talk about different ways of working in the halt using positive reinforcement as our training tool. Searching for balance between motivation and relaxation.
How can we best set our horse up for success and what are the benefits of working in halt is questions well be answering during the lecture. As well as explain how you can start with your own horse and what you will need to think about.