Amy Skinner

I am an avid student of the horse and have spent my whole life looking for and developing quality horsemanship.  I have been riding since I was 6 years old, taking lessons whenever and wherever I was able while I moved around with my military family. I have ridden with many incredible horsemen and women, but my biggest influencers have been Theresa Doherty, a student of Egon von Neindorff, and Brent Graef.


My training program works for all breeds and disciplines and focuses on promoting softness, balance, and relaxation. With classical dressage basics and an emphasis on lightness and relaxation, I believe that any horse can improve given enough time and understanding. Working with the horse’s mind develops confidence, and an understanding of biomechanics develops correct and sound movement.

Amy Skinner

Amy’s 2021 Presentations

Fixing a lateral walk in hand - Day 1

Meet RJ, a former hunter jumper who has developed a lateral walk through tension in his back. Watch RJ learn to organize his feet, release tension in his neck and back, and develop a more free, correct 4 beat walk.

Fixing a lateral walk and canter under saddle - Day 2

We take a look at RJ under saddle, and further improve his gaits through shoulder suppling exercises. If you have a tense horse at home, these exercises will help you too.