Alissa Mayer

Alissa Mayer BS EHSE-C

Author, Instructor, Equine Hanna Somatics Educator, Horse Trainer & Creator of A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™, Alissa is an internationally recognized clinician dedicated to unleashing the potential of horses and humans to become happy, athletic, connected and free in their bodies, minds, and spirits.

My Passion and Mission is unleashing the potential of horses and humans to become happy, athletic, connected and free in their bodies, minds, and spirits. I do this by educating the public and global horse industry about chronic tension & learned helplessness in horses and how to address them with A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™. I teach via online courses, one-on-one coaching and membership programs for my students all over the world.

I believe equine professionals and horse owners alike must learn to recognize the symptoms of chronic tension and learned helplessness, and then learn how to return our beloved horses to wholeness and horseness, without sacrificing the sporting, fun and recreational activities that we love to do with them.

Once freed from the postures and mental states of learned helplessness, chronic tension, trauma and/or asymmetry, horses can find Self-Carriage, exercise Choice, regain their Dignity and achieve their Performance Potential - and so can we.

What I teach, and how I address Chronic Tension & Learned Helplessness:

  1. In ASATHorsemanship™ we respectfully invite Interspecies Dialogues to Awaken the Actualized Horse.
  2. With Equine Hanna Somatics®, we help horses let go of the physical patterns of chronic stress and tension, moving them toward homeostasis, health, happiness and optimal performance.

3. Using Hanna Somatics for the Rider, we help the human become a more balanced and supple partner for the horse, unleash the inner athlete and resolve chronic pain, tension and crookedness.

Alissa Mayer

Alissa's 2021 Presentations

How to Use a Reset to take your Communication to the Next Level - The 5-Steps of PHASING & PHRASING with Alissa Mayer EHSE-C  - Day 2

Activate your powers of visualization and learn to use the energy of your electromagnetic field to communicate with your horse on a near-telepathic level. This framework, which can be applied to any discipline or school of horsemanship training, will give you the tools to quickly refine your aids to invisible and achieve 'next-level' lightness! All while deepening your Connection, encouraging Self-Carriage and making you even more interesting to horses.

PHASING & PHRASING - How to Use Strategic Intention (and less pressure) to Communicate Clearly with Any Horse - Day 1

Unlock new levels of lightness and clear communication when you learn this 5th Agreement of the foundation of my method - A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™. In this video, I demonstrate the application of my Phasing & Phrasing framework with a 'green' horse who is still learning to listen to my thoughts and energy. Even with a horse who is feeling playful or 'naughty' you will be able to use less pressure and preserve your relationship using this strategy, while encouraging horses to take on more responsibility from the first day of training. Even when things don't go perfectly, you will notice that horses are becoming magnetized to you when you 'speak' to them in this way!